Michael Soininen


Michael Soininen

Attention Guitarists!

"Do you want to become an explosive, expressive, technically proficient guitarist, while developing your own unique style?"

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At some point, every successful guitarist has embarked on a journey to become great.

What separates these players from the rest, is the motivation and desire to become better than average - to achieve something more - something extraordinary! To reach such heights, common threads of technique, hard work, persistence, and smart practice prevails. All of your favourite players have understood these principles and ideas, and have learnt a similar set of values and skills. Skills that are systematically presented in 'Raise Your Guitar - Learn Techniques and Approaches to Playing Guitar'.

Now you have the opportunity to learn the techniques and practices of the greats...


Fastrack to where you want to be as a guitarist with 'Raise Your Guitar - Learn Techniques and Approaches to Playing Guitar'


In my new eBook, 'Raise Your Guitar - Learn Techniques and Approaches to Playing Guitar', I show you everything you need to know to progress your guitar playing.

You will learn the techniques that world class guitarists use regularly for writing, recording, and playing.

Become familiar with the instrument, gain the confidence to learn and play your favourite music, and write your own songs.

The following are samples of what you will find in this instantly downloadable eBook:

  • 107 pages focusing on beginner essentials, guitar playing techniques, approaches to practice, advice on setting milestones, music promotion, and a winning mindset for achieving your guitar playing goals.
  • 22 comprehensive 'must learn' techniques (including variations) used by the guitar greats across all musical genres. Learn them and own them!
  • 77 photos and exercises to help you hone your guitar playing skills.
  • 15 years of guitar insight, through playing, recording and touring.
  • Practical, hands-on information and tips to get you tearing away at the fretboard.
  • How to properly warm up and build finger strength and dexterity while preventing injury.
  • A quick 30-second way to tune your instrument by ear so you're always on song.
  • Build your confidence as a guitarist so you can work up your way to playing live!
  • Learn the correct way to sit or stand while playing your guitar.
  • Learn alternate wrist positions and pick grips for better technique and comfort.
  • Tablature versus notation and what's right for you.
  • Easy reference of guitar terms and definitions so you get up to speed on playing and understanding your guitar fast!
  • Discover the tools and gear required to ensure you're always prepared, with a guitar ready to go!
  • Learn the benefit of creating your own music.
  • Approaching instrument distributors for guitar endorsements.
  • Promoting your band and music.
  • One-click access to view any of the exercises or photos.
  • A list of my personal equipment for those like-minded gear nuts.
  • Helpful Internet site reference listing, fretboard note charts, blank tab sheets for writing your own music and much more!!



Readers praise ‘Raise Your Guitar - Learn Techniques and Approaches to Playing Guitar’


As you know, 'Raise Your Guitar - Learn Techniques and Approaches to Playing Guitar' is an eBook which means that you can download it as soon as you make the order.

From anywhere in the world, you will be able to instantly access this useful, practical information. No waiting for mail, delivery delays, or shipping costs.

Don't wait any longer. Start benefiting right now and get on the fastrack to guitar success by ordering this eBook today.


Here's what guitarists are saying worldwide about 'Raise Your Guitar':


Not only does this eBook target rock and metal guitarists but the techniques shown are a must for any future guitar player. Immediate downloadable product and at a great price - I hate waiting for the postal service! Love the bonus free faqs book - information nuggets aplenty!

David Lock, UK

Great value! Starting out playing, 'Raise Your Guitar' provided all the information I need in one convenient place to refer to over and over.

John Blackwood, USA

Very readable and easy to follow. Love the use of photos and tab to keep me on track! Highly recommended.

Jasper Kawinski, Australia

Michael has the skills and experience to back this book up! Living proof that intelligent practice reaps results. Awesome guide to learning to play guitar! Well done.

Stephanie Robinson, Australia


So what's the price of this investment?


I wanted to make this eBook as affordable as possible for just $9.95 (normally valued at $19.95)... you really can't go wrong by picking up 'Raise Your Guitar - Learn Techniques and Approaches to Playing Guitar', and immediately putting it to work for you.

All in all, this should be an easy, inexpensive decision if you are serious about wanting to advance your guitar playing right now! You can't lose! Without this eBook, you risk stalling your progress!




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Yours sincerely,

Michael Soininen

P.S. Act-Fast Bonus! Order 'Raise Your Guitar - Learn Techniques and Approaches to Playing Guitar' today and you'll receive a FREE bonus guide titled '50 FAQs by Beginner Guitarists - How to Quickly Get Up and Playing' (recommended price $9.95). In this 30-page guide, you will learn:

  • How long you need to practice to achieve your goals.
  • Approaches to joining a band.
  • How good you need to be (or don't need to be) to jam with other musicians.
  • Why your guitar may not feel, sound or play as well as it should.
  • How you can prevent aches and pains while playing.
  • How, what and why you should practice.
  • How to play a song almost immediately.
  • Whether you make the cliché beginner mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • What a guitar "set-up" is, why they are necessary, and who performs them.
  • What equipment you require.
  • If guitar lessons are right for you.
  • Whether you need to know how to read music notation.
  • Much, much more in '50 Frequently Asked Questions by Beginner Guitarists'.

Normally, this guide is valued at $9.95 but will be yours FREE when you purchase 'Raise Your Guitar - Learn Techniques and Approaches to Playing Guitar'. But don't wait too long as the price of 'Raise Your Guitar' will be going back up to $19.95.


That's $29.90 value for $9.95!


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About The Author

Michael Soininen

Michael Soininen is an Australian guitarist, songwriter and writer specialising in rock and metal. He is the author of ‘Raise Your Guitar - Learn Techniques and Approaches to Playing Guitar’.

When he isn't writing, he can be caught playing with his band Universum.

Here's what international press have said about Universum's music:

The guitar work of Michael Soininen and Stephen Murphy is flawless and technically impressive.

Music SA

...the album is built on the juxtaposition of intense shredding and tuneful melodies...with the kind of professionalism on display here, it's no surprise that these guys have a slew of endorsements...

Australian Guitar Magazine

...an impressive and varied sound...featuring plenty of razor sharp riffing.


Universum is everything that Melodic Metal should be and more; there are elements of heavy rock and even hints of progressive metal in there.

The Dwarf

...clear fact that Universum has taste and that they know how to write songs with hooks, yet can still retain that heavy approach metal fans crave...Another plus for the band are their melodies which are very much in the power/prog metal mould.




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